Mediation and awareness workshops

Wapikoni Mobile also offers workshops to raise awareness of the realities of First Nations in elementary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, community organizations and businesses. These workshops also allow the audience to discover and appreciate Quebec First Nations culture through a selection of high-quality cinematographic works.

The facilitator begins the workshop by presenting 11 nations and Indigenous communities in Quebec. Then, a selection of films is screened in which the audience witnesses notions of history, geography, social issues and the daily life of today’s aboriginal youth, between traditions and modern society. Participants are invited to comment and discuss the films. These participatory workshops can also be tailored to a particular theme (boarding school, tradition, youth, addiction, motherhood, etc.).

These workshops were created in order to:

  • Become familiar with Quebec First Nations in their diversity (with relevant films, educational materials, maps and quizzes);
  • Provide an authentic and contemporary portrait of daily life in the community;
  • Introduce Indigenous cultures through different expression: language, art and spirituality;
  • Become familiar with young Indigenous filmmakers and Wapikoni’s collection of works;
  • Raise awareness of the various issues and realities facing First Nations;
  • Promote intercultural ties.

Would you like wapikoni to give a workshop in your organization about the discovery and awareness of culture and the realities of first nations?

*** Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshops are now offered on Zoom ***

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