Board of governors

Wapikoni Mobile benefits from the support and strategic advice of a Board of Governors, an advisory committee established in 2010 composed of:


  • André Picard, Vice-President, Public and Corporate Affairs, Just for Laughs Group
  • Bernard Hervieux, Director General, SOCAM
  • Gérald Larose, President, Caisse d’économie solidaire Desjardins
  • Guy Gendron, Technoeducational Project Manager, Community services, UQAM
  • Ivan Sangines, Director, CEFREC and International Festival for Indigenous People
  • Judith Brosseau, Executive Vice-President, Programming, Communications and Interactive Media, Astral Media
  • Jean-Claude Therrien Pinette, Assistant Director at the Office for the protection of rights and the territory, ITUM
  • Michèle Audette, Director General, Native Women's Association of Canada
  • Serge Rock, Regional Youth Coordinator, APNQL-AFNQL
  • Stanley Vollant, Surgeon, Director of the Aboriginal Sector, Faculty of Medicine, Université de Montréal