This is the third year that I have been involved in Wapikoni Mobile when they had their stopover in Kitigan Zibi. This year in 2013, I have made my own short animation film. It is about my depression, and is just me describing my experience with it so far and trying to come to terms and acknowledge it.

" I learned a lot about filmmaking with Wapikoni being here this year. "
- Craig commanda

I learned more about planning a film, and considering everything that goes into making a film. Time, writing, and other things. I feel that being to articulate what i was dealing with on screen is very helpful and liberating to me, while at the same time learning technical skills. I feel that putting the things that are hard to talk about on the screen helps to deal with it. It will also make dialogue and awareness on these issues, as it is relatable to everyone. It was a very positive experience for me, both personally and in a professional working manner. I would certainly attend another Wapikoni stopover. It also ties into what i do for work, which is audio recording. You certainly need that when making films, and music. Wapikoni helped inspire me to learn about recording and films, because its something that I know I would be doing with my life, being a musician. Wapikoni bring issues that the participants see around them to light for the whole community to see and think about, and larger audiences as well. This is how filmmakers start, and to give them this opportunity is golden. It is refreshing to have a different perspective on issues and ideas we all care about.

" There a lot of youth that i know they are creative, but a lot don't use it " 

" Imagine how they are impacting the young people they are working with "

Darian Smith

This is my second year that I have been involved with the Wapikoni Mobile when they had their stopover in Kitihan Zibi. This year in 2013, Jenissa Commonda and myself had made our film together which is called Young Women Hunting. The film tells all about the importance of a young women learning to hunt on their own, and teachings that are passed on from parents. 

" I have learned a lot working with the Wapikoni Mobile, it boost my self-esteem, and confidence. Also it helped me with my shyness towards other people. " - Darian Smith

Working with the Wapikoni I feel has helped to talk to other people. In the beggining I had said that the Wapikoni helped me of overcoming being shy.