Innovative approach

Mobility is an integral part of the Wapikoni approach: we "travel to" youth living in Aboriginal communities to offer practical workshops tailored to their reality and their culture. 

A methodology that develops self-esteem, skills and resilience 

Youth are involved in practical workshops given onsite using the teaching method developed by filmmaker Manon Barbeau in collaboration with film professionals. This is what they call “learning by doing”. The workshops cover writing and directing as they do the more technical aspects such as camera, sound recording and editing. Learning is rigorous as two young mentor-filmmaker professionals and an assistant filmmaker from the community, trained by Wapikoni, closely supervise the workshops. A social worker and an Aboriginal coordinator are added to the team. Prior to departure, field teams are trained on topics related to culture, history and the social reality of First Nations.

Discover our team of mentor filmmakers. The month-long workshop results in: the creation of original and high technical quality short films and strong musical pieces; participants are empowered by their newly acquired skills, as well as by the public presentation of their works to members of the community.

Active listening: our first method of intervention

Many young people need to share the problems they face at home and in their daily lives. Our recurring presence allows them to confide, reassured by confidentiality that is rare in a small village where everyone knows each other. We welcome participants on both a personal and a creative level, at whatever stage they are at in their life. However, the brief duration of our stay limits the possibilities of long-term intervention. Our mandate is therefore to pair troubled participants with a "monitoring social worker" within the community. From one stop to the next, a deepening trusting relationship is established between the team and participants, thus moving intervention to a more personal level.

In agreement with the community: ensuring continuity

Following an invitation from the Band Councils, Wapikoni Mobile works with the community. In order to make an informed decision of the communities we visit, the Wapikoni team assesses community needs while keeping in mind a long-term vision for participants’ skill development. This long-term intervention is essential to create a sustainable impact on youth and communities. To therefore ensure the continuity and deepening of knowledge, we return several times to the same communities. Development workshops offered by various partners (UQÀM, Ka Mamukanit, Apatapela Project, Sami Education Institute, etc.) occurs more frequently for the most motivated and promising participants.

Audiovisual services: continuing education

Wapikoni also offers audiovisual services for communities and various organizations; an advanced participant and a senior filmmaker are paired to create videos. This new initiative allows participants to attain paid contracts through which they gradually achieve professional status. By developing skills among First Nations youth, Wapikoni Mobile creates artistic successors for video and musical talent that contributes to the emergence of a new generation of leaders. In addition to creating an Aboriginal film industry in Quebec, our work also helps enrich First Nations’ cultural heritage. 

 Contribute to radiant young First Nations creators!