Mission, values and objectives


• Combat isolation and suicide among First Nations youth while developing artistic, technical, social, and professional skills 

• Broadcast films and various public awareness issues facing First Nations while enhancing a rich culture, too often overlooked 

• Contribute to the preservation of First Nations cultural heritage


  • Respect 
  • Solidarity 
  • Equality


Intervention: Reduce the rate of suicide, isolation, dropout, addiction and crime. Promote healthy lifestyles for better overall health. 

Training: Develop artistic, social and professional skills through the mastery of technological tools related to audiovisual and music. 

Mediation: Build bridges and promote meetings and cultural exchanges between First Nations and non-aboriginals using innovative practices that facilitate the recovery and expression of culture for some and the discovery of this culture to others. 

Job creation: Develop multiple skills and empowerment; encourage participants’ professional development and their integration within the job market. 

Economic growth: Contribute to participants’ financial autonomy and their participation in the economy of their community and society in general. 

Networking: Facilitate networking between young Aboriginal filmmakers in Quebec, Canada and abroad. 

• All of our team members are inspired to: create a positive, deep and lasting impact.