Mobile studios

By bringing youth together, participating in positive and rewarding activities, the arrival of Wapikoni Mobile offers "respite" to communities often faced with severe social issues.


Sometimes referred to as a "youth centre" on wheels, at times, Wapikoni Mobile hosts, children, parents and grandparents who become involved in different ways in creative youth projects.

Our mobile studios offer:

• A place of creation equipped with the latest digital technology in film-making and music 

• A place to train and offer a transfer of skills thanks to specialized expertise and dedicated teams 

• A safe and friendly space for youth faced with difficult personal and family situations 

• A front-line support and referral service for community resources 

• An environment conducive to communication and intergenerational relationships essential for the transmission of cultural traditions and practices between youth and seniors

• A venue for the public and media during special events, forums, conferences, exhibitions, product launches, and more.