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Journal de bord

Journal de Bord 2 - Kitigan Zibi

// Équipe Kitigan Zibi

Well, so, it is the second last week of the Kitigan Zibi stop here for Wapikoni mobile and we have five projects underway with a sixth one in development. 

We have Russell Ratt creating his third film currently in production and post-production at the moment. It’s a film loss and memory and is a nice thoughtful and meditative project. Jenissa Commonda-Mathews and Darian Smith are working on a documentary project about young, contemporary women learning to hunt so that they too can maintain a traditional way of life as passed down through their elders. Craig Commanda is working on a live action/stop-motion project about living with depression and moving beyond it. It is Craig’s first film and is looking fantastic. The Storm Cloud Singers are working on a doc about their drum group and are presenting a contemporary view of the drum and how it fits within the lives of youth living in Kitigan Zibi.Our youngest filmmaker is Anjeni (or Deedums, as she prefers to be called) as she in production in making a film about making positive decisions on a young path and how family and community are a strong part about making those decisions. It looks like i twill be a poetic piece and has a strong start. We are in pre-production with young musician Keith Whiteduck who is looking to create a project for one of his songs.

We have been recording a bit of music up here with some youth coming through and putting down some tracks. So far it has been a pleasurable fun experience with a great team. We have Charlene McConini who is working as both the assistant filmmaker and the coordinator. She is doing a great job and Philippe-David Gagné, Émelie Monnet and myself are having a great time here making, what look to be, great movies with talented young people. 

Looking forward to the September 26th Screening!!! 

Clark Ferguson