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Wapikoni Retrospective at the Asinabka Festival

A Wapikoni Mobile 10 year retrospective has been presented at the Asinabka Festival in Ottawa from August 19 to 23.

The selection included movies which made the Wapikoni into what it is today.

The movie presented were :

The Amendement, by Kevin Papatie
Night Runners, by Chanouk Newashish
Tshitashun (Number), by James Picard
We Are, by Kevin Papatie
Setbacks, by Délia Gunn
Nanameshkueu (Earthquake), by Réal Jr. Leblanc
Aitun (Traditions), by Kevin Bellefleur
Don Severo del Puento, by Donald Quispe, René Lovera et Esteban Espejo
Glitch, by Erik Papatie
Micta, by Élisa Moar et Marie-Pier Ottawa
Pipiteu (White Ashes), by Ernest Aness Dominique
Blocus 138 - Innu Resistance, by Réal Jr. Leblanc
The Hearing, by Russell Ratt Brascoupe
In Your Heart, by Raymond Caplin

About Asinabka Festival

Currently in their 4th year of programming, the mandate of the Asinabka Festival is to present an annual Indigenous film and media arts festival in the national capital that allows independant artists - national, international, Indigenous, non-Indigenous - to share, present, and disseminate their work.