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CRÉATION ET RÉSILIENCE Le précieux pouvoir de l'inconsolable - english description -

great conference of the world social forum

SPEAKERS: Manon Barbeau, Tarcila Rivera Zea et Melissa Mollen-Dupuis 

fROM 6 PM TO 7:30 PM



LANGUAGES Français, Espagnol avec traduction simultanée Ang-fr-esp. 

COORDINATORS: Wapikoni mobile. 

*ACCESSIBILITY: accessible aux personnes utilisant un fauteuil roulant, ascenseur pour aller à tous les étages* assurera une diffusion en direct: 

This event will take place la SAT, reserved for people over 18 years old. 


How can intimate and collective injuries engender and shape leaders? Animated by the precious power of inconsolable, Quechua militant Tarcila Rivera Zea, elected member of the Permanent Forum of the United Nations on Indigenous Issues, the Innu Melissa Mollen Dupuis, co-founder of Idle no more of Quebec and filmmaker Manon Barbeau, co-founder of Wapikoni talk about their life paths, their tireless struggle for Aboriginal social justice and share their dreams. 



• Manon Barbeau, daughter of painter and sculptor Marcel Barbeau and poet Suzanne Meloche, Manon Barbeau is a child of Refus Total, the revolutionary manifesto that marked the history of modern Quebec. For over thirty years, Manon Barbeau has worked as a director for several organizations, including Télé-Québec and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). She has made several documentaries and in 2003, founded the Wapikoni Mobile in collaboration with the Council of the Atikamekw Nation and the Council of Young First Nations with the support of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador and the Board National Film Board of Canada. Manon Barbeau was named Ashoka Fellow in 2009 and Officer of the National Order of Quebec in 2014. She also received the Albert Tessier Award, the highest award in cinema matters in Quebec. The Wapikoni received the award for intercultural innovation UNAOC 2014 (United Nations Alliance of Civilizations) and the BMW Group. 

• Melissa Mollen Dupuis is Innu and comes from Ekuanitshit on the North Shore. Through its work to host Native Montreal or during its 13 years of animation at the First Nations Garden, it exposes and sharing indigenous cultural wealth to the community of Montreal. It is through the visual arts, animation, video, performance and storytelling, it is required to explore contemporary avenues of interpretation of the First Nations culture. Actress in several Aboriginal series on television, she is also involved in Aboriginal cultural and community with the Network for Urban strategy of the Aboriginal community in Montreal, the Wapikoni Mobile and Idle No More QC. 

• Tarcila Rivera Zea is the Executive President of Chirapaq, an indigenous cultural center in Peru. Tarcila is a Quechuan activist from Ayacucho, Peru, who has devoted over 30 years of her life to defend and seek recognition and acknowledgment of Peruvian indigenous peoples and cultures. Her contributions have resulted in the creation of the Permanent Workshop of Andean and Amazonian Indigenous Women of Peru, the International Forum of Indigenous Women, which is a global umbrella, and the Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas. She has served as a member of Global Advisory Group of Civil Society of UNWOMEN. Recently, she was elected as member of the UN Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues for 20l7-20l9.

When she was 10 years-old, Ms. Rivera became a domestic worker in exchange for education, learning Spanish only at age 11. She founded Chirapaq, in 1986, initially to help Quechua children whose parents had been murdered by Shining Path guerillas. She has led Chirapaq to become a leading agency for the rights of indigenous women, children and youth.