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FIFEQ 2016 – Indigenous women and social struggles in cinema

FIFEQ invites you on March 17th to an evening that will combine Aboriginal cinema and a panel discussion regarding the use of visual support as a tool of social resistance in the hands of Aboriginal women.

The night will begin with screenings of short films by Wapikoni Mobile, which have been selected based on the nature of the subjects covered, ranging from gendered violence to colonialism and self-determination.

Three filmmakers from Wapikoni Mobile will be present to then participate in a panel discussion on activist cinema and the issue of violence against Aboriginal women: Melanie Lumsden, project manager for DestiNATIONS, an Aboriginal organization which works in Aboriginal cultural development; Melissa Mollen Dupuis, President of the Wapikoni Board of Directors and an Aborginal community organizer at the Centre de développement communautaire autochtone de Montréal; Widia Larivière, co-initiator of Idle No More Quebec.

The audience is invited to actively take part in the discussion, and the panel will be moderated by Catherine Ego, student in the minor of Aboriginal Studies. Snacks will be offered.

Films on screen :

City Girl Rez Woman (fille urbaine, femme de reserve) de Debbie S. Mishibinijima
Escale à Kitcisakik, de Mathieu Vachon
Maskewesiwin Papiwin (La force du rire), de Jolène Chachai et Stella Chachai
Nimiseyak Bigiiwag (Sisters come home), réalisation collective de l’école
Où sont tes plumes, de Widia Larivière et Mélanie Lumsden
Tio’tia:ke, de Amanda Roy
Un nouveau souffle, Widia Larivière et Mélanie Lumsden