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At the Imaginaire Park - L'Imagier Exhibition Center, Gatineau 


The Wapikoni participates in the second edition of Gatin-O-Aki and offers several Q&A screening sessions during the event. Three directors of the Wapikoni, Emilio Wawatie, Migwuhn and Aanjeni Tshernish will be there to start the conversation with the festival-goers. 

Gatin-O-Aki will showcase eight interactive thematic stations drawing a vibrant picture of the contemporary face of the First Peoples of this territory: 

  • Innovation; 
  • Gastronomy ; 
  • Arts and crafts; 
  • Myths and realities; Indigenous languages; 
  • History ; 
  • Cinema; 
  • The performing arts.  

Young and old alike will be able to discover various facets of indigenous cultures, attend shows and film screenings, participate in workshops and games, taste gastronomic specialties and exchange with artists, craftsmen, caterers, dancers, storytellers and get to know better indigenous History. This cultural event aims to provide a unique opportunity to connect peoples, celebrate our diversity in an inclusive and interactive manner, and thus contribute to reconciliation efforts between Indigenous and non-indigenous people.