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Montreal First Peoples Festival 2017

This year again, Montreal First Peoples Festival holds a great place for the Wapikoni short films. No less than fifteen films are on the program:

  1. À travers les yeux, by Jemmy Echaquan Dubé
  2. Nakausenn, by Tommy Tenegan et Pien Tenegan
  3. Tshishpeuatetau Innu-Aimun, by Ariane Napess-Michel, Aryanouk Napess-Michel, Tessa Napish and Shannon Mestokosho
  4. Pewmayin, by the Mapuche communications and cinema school of Aylla Rewe Budi
  5. Un matin tranquille, by Marie-Josee Tremblay
  6. Kitci Nehirowiskwew, by Elisa Moar and Sipi Flamand
  7. Mikwetc, by Sakay Ottawa and Jemmy Echaquan-Dubé
  8. Commanduck, by Keith Whiteduck
  9. Je me souviens, by Fred Cheezo
  10. Le roi des oiseaux, by Donovan Vollant
  11. The Three Sisters Community Garden, by Zachary Greenleaf
  12. Onicka, by Melina Quitish  Niquay
  13. Nistakinan, by Brian Coocoo
  14. Vivir con la tierra, by Analicia Lopez, Lauliano Martinez and Fernandilio Garrido
  15. Eshe Menuatenam, by Jean-Charles Pietacho
For dates and screening venues, see the program.