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Screening at Plage Camping Robertson (August 2016)

A serie of 14 shorts will be screen at the Plage Camping Robertson tomorrow, August 17th, for all to enjoy. The site is located on a long fine sand beach on witch it's possible to watch the sunsets and the northem lights.
  • WHERE THE RIVERS WIDEN by Zach Greenleaf 
  • CALL AND RESPONSE by Craig Commanda 
  • WHEN SPIRIT CALLS by Terrie McIntosh 
  • A NEW BREATH by Mélanie Lumsden & Widia Larivière 
  • THE ROUTES by James McDougall 
  • NUESTRO HOGAR by Detsy “Mara” Barrigon & Iván Jaripio 
  • NEKA (Mommy) by Nemnemiss McKenzie 
  • MR. SANDERSON by Ray Sanderson & Terrie McIntosh 
  • MEGWITETM (I Remember) by Crystal Dawn Jerome 
  • KOKOM by Kevin Papatie 
  • KA MITSHELITAKUESS AUASS (The Chil Who Hammered Nails) by Isabelle Kanape 
  • GROWING by Allison Coon-Come 
  • FACE OR PROFIL by Sharon Fontaine