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Skábmagovat Film Festival

January 21-25, 2016, the Skábmagovat Indigenous Peoples' Film Festival in Inari, Finland, will screen Wapikoni short films in its Ice Theater.

Here are the films included in the program for this annual meeting that celebrates the end of the polar night...

CHALLWAN KVZAW, collective direction, Chile
NITAHKÔTÂN, by Moe Clark, Montreal
WHERE THE RIVER WIDENS, by Zach Greenleaf, Gesgapegiag
CALL AND RESPONSE, by Craig Commanda, Kitigan Zibi
THE ROUTES, by James McDougall, Kitigan Zibi
KA MITSHELITAKUESS AUASS (the Child Who Hammered Nails), by Isabelle Kanapé, Pessamit
MR. SANDERSON, by Terrie McIntosh and Ray Sanderson, Pine Creek
NUESTRO HOGAR, by Detsy Mara Barrigon, Peru

For further info: Skabmagovat Film Festival