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A sixth stopover with the Mapuche

// Wapikoni mobile

From January 18 to February 13, 2016 the stopover in Chile will be held again this year on Mapuche territory and is part of the Power of the lens research project, which aims to build bridges for cross-cultural video-mediated Indigenous research on territory, identity, and bio-cultural diversity. This project is in collaboration with the Wapikoni Mobile, the University of Montreal, Vidéo Initiative Stratégique, Nuoraj TV and Indigenous Communication and Media Innovations. The stopover will be held for a 6th year with the Mapuche nation and will take place at the Mapuche Cinema and Communication School of the Aylla Rewe Budi. Iphigénie Marcoux-Fortier, filmmaker mentor, and Ariella Orbach, a researcher for the University of Montreal, will be on hand to train participants of all age.

The Mapuche have an inspiring creation method. All together, they decide the topic and the angle that will be used for their film. The result is a collective work from A to Z, where even people who appear on the screen have their say about the direction.

We bet you that this stopover is going to be full of great surprises!