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Bolivia: Indigenous international meeting on television and new technologies

From March 15th to 18th, Manon Barbeau, Executive Director of Wapikoni, and Melissa Racine Le Breton, INAAC project manager, were invited to the Indigenous international meeting on television and new technologies, in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  The meeting aimed to prepare the Third Continental Summit of Indigenous Communications  that will be held next November in the department of Cochabamba, Bolivia.  This summit's main objective is to help strengthen the Indigenous peoples of the Americas' struggle and communication processes "Abya Yala" in order to build a continental communication system.
The themes of the meeting addressed the issues related to the access to communication technologies, their management and development from the Indigenous point of view, from their realities and their needs.
This meeting's goal was to provide spaces for exchanges and generation of ideas to advance the technological sovereignty of the communications sector and to face the technological challenge of the Indigenous communication in regard of the rights, development of its own stories and contributions to decolonization with fairness.   The set of panels were designed to develop an Aboriginal television in Bolivia.
Manon Barbeau and Melissa Racine-Le Breton participated in two panels, helping to document the Indigenous audiovisual experience in Canada and to present the various collaborations with the Southern partners.