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FICWALLMAPU 2015 and CLACPI Biannual General Assembly

// Wapikoni mobile

The Wapikoni, represented by Elisa Moar, Frédéric Julien and André Dudemaine (as a member of the Wapikoni Board of Directors), was invited to participate in the Biannual General Assembly of the Latin American Cinema and Communication Coordination of Indigenous Peoples (CLACPI), the largest Indigenous communicators network in South America. This meeting took place on November 23 and 24 as part of the XII International Film Festival and videos of indigenous peoples FICWALLMAPU 2015, in Temuco, Chile from November 17 to 21 and in Bariloche, Argentina, from November 26 to 28. 

The CLACPI, which celebrates its 30th anniversary, wanted to create an instance of meeting and reflection for communicators and indigenous communicators interested in the Indigenous film and video field in Latin America. It also seeked to generate an intercultural space for exchange and discussion between Indigenous Rights organizations that use video as a tool to defend these rights. 

On this occasion, the Wapikoni Mobile has been integrated as a fraternal member of the CLACPI, while the CLACPI joined, by unanimity of its members, the International Network of Aboriginal audiovisual creation (INAAC) initiated by the Wapikoni in 2014.

The festival was an opportunity for the Wapikoni to present to the public four short films: 

FEI LAGENMI IXOFIL MOGEN, a collective work by the School of Cinema and Communication of the Mapuche Aylla Rewe Budi, made in Chile during an audiovisual workshop given in collaboration with Initiative Video Strategic-a2delante, the Wapikoni and Adkimvn

MIRADA DE MUJER (A Woman’s Perspective), by Rosa María Sulca Pomahuacre, made in Peru in partnership with CHIRAPAQ, Oxfam-Québec and the Wapikoni. 

UN NOUVEAU SOUFFLE (A New Breath), by Melanie Lumsden and Widia Larivière 

CALL AND RESPONSE, Craig Commanda.