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III Continental Summit on Indigenous Communication in Abya Yala

// Marie-Ève Bergeron

The third Continental Summit on Indigenous Communication in Abya Yala was held on Nov. 15-19, 2016 in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It brought together several indigenous organizations from the Americas working in the audiovisual and communications sector. Wapikoni was the only Canadian organization to participate and was represented by Marie-Ève Bergeron, Field Coordinator.

The purpose of this summit was to contribute to strengthening the actions and communication processes of indigenous peoples and nations of the Americas with a view to establishing a continental communication system in continuity with the process already begun in the previous editions of this Summit, in Colombia and Mexico. The meeting was also an opportunity to concretize the proposals and actions of previous summits, through dialogue, exchange, unity and alliances, without losing sight of strategies, policies, technology and the enrichment of communication means.

This summit was held during 5 days.




Day 1

An intercultural fair was held on day 1. Several people exhibited their crafts and their work. Wapikoni joined the stand of a Wayuu friend from Venezuela and of ONIC, an organization from Colombia, to briefly present its activities.

In the evening, the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, himself, made the official opening of the Summit, followed by a great cultural event.

Day 2

Participants had to choose between 10 work tables. Marie-Ève Bergeron, representing both the Wapikoni and the International Network for Aboriginal Audiovisual Creation (INAAC), presented the activities of both organizations at Table 4, which dealt with impact strategies and Indigenous continental mechanisms of communication for the struggle and well-being of indigenous peoples. The presentation was the occasion to show two films, Nothing About Moccasins and The Art of Fishing, to a big audience.

Day 3

Discussions at the work tables continued and Marie-Ève Bergeron gave interviews to the media. Two interviews were conducted with indigenous radio stations in Bolivia and one for an Argentinian-Bolivian magazine. Several contacts with Latin American organizations and with members of the INAAC have been strengthened. These meetings provided information to those who were not present at the international conference "Indigenous Cimemas: Cultral Affirmation and Reconciliation" in Montreal, on August 10, 2016.

Day 4

Discussions at the work tables ended. Each table was to develop a proposal for strategy, methodology and objectives for the coming years, with the aim of uniting the indigenous forces of Abya Yala and developing projects. Meanwhile, a press conference was held to announce the next CLACPI festival, the FICMAYAB 'in 2018 in Guatemala. Wapikoni, a member of CLACPI, was present as well as several other members, from Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico and the Basque Country.

Day 5

The Summit ended with a cultural celebration.