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In Brief: The Pre-Departure Training for the Teams in the Field

// Wapikoni mobile

This past 4 and 5 May, the annual pre-departure training took place for filmmaker-accompaniers and youth workers recruited to give audiovisual training workshops in First Nations communities.

A taste in pictures: 

Visiting the mobile studios with Jean-François et Jean-Nicolas, our two drivers and technicians. 

Taking advantage to take some pictures for the La Presse newspaper. 

Photographer David Boily and filmmaker François Laurent 

and giving an interview to André Duchesne, culturel reporter for La Presse, who paints a terrific picture of our filmmaker-accompaniers

Filmmaker Clark Ferguson and La Presse reporter André Duchesne 

The pre-departure training is also the moment to meet and get to know the other members of the team before sharing your daily lives with them for a month under the same roof! 

The Manawan team: Victoria Chan, Nils Caneele and David Lalonde 

Getting to know the work ethics and social and political contexts of the communities with Melissa Mollen Dupuis and Widia Larivière, the coordinators of the Idle No More movement in Quebec.

Talk by Melissa Mollen Dupuis and Widia Larivière 

In order to be finally ready for this new 2015 season!

The 2015 Wapikoni mobile team