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Je Veux Jouer Foundation is inspired by the Wapikoni's methodology to create a Syrian Media School

Je Veux Jouer Foundation that embellishes the life of Syrian children by creating play areas in refugee camps will help establish a Syrian Media School for young Syrian refugees in Turkey in the city of Gaziantep.

This school's activities will begin with two training and audiovisual creation workshops given by Wapikoni filmmaker mentors, whose field approach and methodology are transposable in refugee camps context.

The first two-weeks workshop will be given to Syrian refugees teens in Turkey so they learn to make short films and become familiar with audiovisual pieces of equipment.

The second workshop, focussing on Wapikoni "learning by creating" method, will train Syrian professionals in their twenties who are already familiar with audiovisual so that they in turn train other young refugees in Turkey or Syria.

The school will then train Syrian youth in film, television, interactive media, journalism, animation, radio, photography, etc. "All these forms of media art will allow the young ones to express themselves and grow, in addition to letting us know what they are living, by taking a look at their community" said Serge Thibaudeau, co-founder of Je Veux Jouer Foundation.