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Latest News From The INAAC (RICAA)

Latest News From The INAAC (RICAA)


Since its creation in 2014, the International Network for Aboriginal Audio-Visual Creation (INAAC) already has two short films produced on the theme “Territory: Reclaiming a Cultural Practice.” You can watch them on the website of the Wapikoni under the « Selections » section, under the thumbnail RICAA.

The first short was filmed at the last summer school organized by LafkenÑyZugvn and the Escuela de Cine y Comunicación Mapuche (Mapuche Film and Communications School) under the aegis of Juan Rain in collaboration with the Strategic Video Initiative (Ariella Orbach and Wapikoni). This first RICAA film, “ChallwanKvzaw” (The Art of Fishing), focuses on the traditional practice of ancestral fishing.

The second film, “La casa de nuestros abuelos” (The House of our Grandparents), this one filmed in Panama by a group gathering together Embera, Kuna and campesinos, is about the building of ancestral dwellings. Catherine Potvin of the McGill UNESCO Chair organized this new workshop in collaboration with Wapikoni Mobile. Our friend, Iván Jaripio, himself a RICAA member, was part of the group of directors.

In order to foster the creation of a collective work, in the form of a sequence of shorts on this same topic of Reclaiming a Cultural Practice, INAAC encourages its members to take up the torch and produce a film. The basic rules for each of these works are the following:

  • The maximum length is of 5 minutes,
  • The film begins with an image representing a circle somehow linked to the practice being filmed,
  • The film ends with a final image showing this same circle again,
  • The directors pay particular attention to the visual treatment and quality of the images.

For its part, Wapikoni will propose the exercise to participants in some of the communities it visits this year.

The next meeting of INAAC members is planned for this coming November during the XIIth International First Nations Film and Video Festival, FICWALLMAPU 2015, taking place in Mapuche territory in Chile and Argentina.