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New Audiovisual Training Offered at the Wendake CDFM

// Wapikoni mobile, CDFM et Cégep de Rivère-du-Loup

In collaboration with Wapikoni Mobile and the Centre de développement de la formation et de la main-d’œuvre huron-wendat (CDFM), the technical school in film and video arts of Rivière-du-Loup CEGEP has developed the Creating and Producing Videos Representing the Community program (programme Conception et production de vidéos en lien avec son milieu). 

This four month training is tailored to people wishing to produce videos in their living environment or place of work. Without claiming to train image professionals, this program will allow those completing it with success to produce audiovisual materials at a semi-professional level, such as promotional, educational and corporate videos. 

People most likely to be interested in this training, as a complement to their careers, are facilitators, researchers, teachers, street outreach workers, social workers, entrepreneurs wishing to respond to the needs of their community or to potential regional clients, etc. 

Trainings currently offered in film or television production schools do not really respond to the needs of individuals working in different professional milieux in which video is often used as a reference and animation tool. Creating such documents does not always require the know-how of great professionals of the image, but rather the contribution of sensitive, somewhat artistic individuals committed to their community and properly initiated in new media technologies. 

The training program also aims to address the under-representation of regions in the media and to give voice to small communities offering them short and accessible trainings that can be reinvested quickly locally. The model this program puts forward limits the training to aspects considered essential to practicing a career making videos and promotes local professional internships.


Program offered in Wendake (close to Quebec City), in the Huron-Wendat Training and Employment Centre (Centre de développement de la formation et de la main d’œuvre huron-wendat, CDFM) 

Duration of the program: 405 hours (4 months) 

Next training: April 7 to July 30. 

Registration now open - Download admissions form  

Courses in this program are accredited by the Quebec Ministry of Education. Students registered in them can receive student financial aid from the Quebec government. 

Fees : 

To open your file: $30 

Registration: $139.25 

For non-residents of Quebec, additional registration fees may apply. 

Required School Implements: the student must have earphones, an external hard drive and SD memory cards. 

For further information or to register, please contact the CDFM at 1-877-842-1026, extension 314