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Over 1,000 Wapikoni Shorts!

1,000 Wapikoni Mobile Short Films

2017 was a landmark year for Wapikoni Mobile which organized for the first time since its inception in 2004 twenty-two audiovisual creation workshops from coast to coast, including eight in Indigenous communities outside of Quebec where the traveling workshops hadn’t had the chance to stop until then. This year, over 116 five-minute films shot by Indigenous filmmakers in their own communities and the same number of music tracks were added to Wapikoni’s collection, which now includes over 1,000 shorts. A unique anthology of contemporary Indigenous audiovisual culture.

"For Wapikoni is intended to be a weapon against isolation and despair. This collection of exceptional works reflects and celebrates the rich cultural heritage of First Nation voices, which now resonate loudly and clearly all over the world,” declared Manon Barbeau, Wapikoni Mobile’s co-fonder and executive director.

Throughout the winter, Wapikoni will pay tribute to the Indigenous filmmakers with whom it has been collaborating since 2004; remarkable, creative, poetic, whimsical minds who are standard bearers for Indigenous cultures from here and abroad. Each Tuesday from January 16 to April 17, we will share a selection of films with our Facebook followers, starting with the very first shorts that were made in 2004 all the way to our most recent ones. Here is the first selection of shorts we will be sharing: 2004.

We invite you to follow our Facebook page to discover amazing Indigenous filmmakers, watch interviews with new and long-time collaborators of Wapikoni Mobile and read impressive stories!

About Wapikoni Mobile

Wapikoni Mobile is a travelling audiovisual and musical creation studio dedicated to Indigenous youth. Since 2004, Wapikoni has visited over 25 Nations and accompanied over 4,600 participants who worked to direct over 1,000 short films translated into several languages. These films have received 156 awards and honours at national and international festivals. Wapikoni Mobile is an official UNESCO partner.

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