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Participation in INM’s Summer School

On August 12, Wapikoni was present at the great fair for citizen engagement which marked the opening of the Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM) Summer School at Montmorency College, in Laval.

Mélissa Racine-Lebreton and Claire Alia Assal held an information kiosk on Wapikoni’s activities and a projection of engagé shorts. 

Wapikoni’s participation in the INM Summer School was motivated by the need to share the perspectives of filmmakers from First Nations communities and to offer them an audience of concerned citizens.

About the Summer School

The Summer School is a 4 day event which allows people to develop citizenship skills to participate actively in the public sphere. Whether by speaking out, through art, through the media or through entrepreneurship, several options are offered to share one’s own vision of society.

The Summer School allows participants to meet diverse actors and to engage in collective learning in the company of public personalities, politicians, journalists, academics and artists in a broad exchange of ideas.

Mélissa Racine-Le Breton and the Buffalo Hat Singers at the Wapikoni INM's Summer School kiosk