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The René Malo Foundation, key actor in ActionWapikoni campaign's success

Faced with a nearly $100,000 shortfall that jeopardized some of its audiovisual training workshops in Aboriginal communities, Wapikoni decided in 2015 to launch a crowdfunding campaign with the support of Tactic Direct, newly Atypic, a marketing firm.

Its goal was to reach a minimum of $50,000 between November 24th and December 31st, 2015 and to find a generous donor to double that amount. It wasn't a foregone conclusion! But it was without counting on the exceptional quality of committed, dynamic and generous new Wapikoni allies!

The campaign, which aired mainly on social media and through Wapikoni's network, has indeed generated an enthusiastic response from the public and has reached the ears of a generous donor:  the René Malo Foundation.

Sensitive to Wapikoni's cause, the Foundation has decided to fill the shortfall to reach the goal of $100,000.

"Wapikoni Mobile projects create opportunities for Aboriginal youth and thus help them to develop their potential and their self-esteem." - Fanny-Laure Malo, Vice President, René Malo Foundation

Motivated by this challenge, the Wapikoni team redoubled its efforts. The results came immediately. Ten days before the end of the campaign, Wapikoni reached its minimum goal!

"The support of the René Malo Foundation, which works mainly with youth, was crucial to the success of this campaign, a first of its kind for Wapikoni. The confidence the Foundation shows in Wapikoni is extremely valuable to us. It's comforting that, in an economically concerned environment, some are aware of creation's healing power."- Manon Barbeau, Executive Director, Wapikoni

The crowdfunding campaign allows Wapikoni's workshops to continue in communities in 2016. Wapikoni continues to collect donations on its page and now allows you to make monthly donations.