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Visit of Her Excellency Sharon Johnston

On March 21st, the Wapikoni was pleased and honored by the visit of Mrs. Sharon Johnston, wife of Governor General of Canada, to its offices in Montreal.
The meeting began with a presentation of the organization by Mrs. Barbeau, Founding Director, with the participation of Melissa Mollen Dupuis, Chairperson of the Board, and of Craig Commanda of Kitigan Zibi and Sipi Flamand of Manawan, participants. Kim O'Bomsawin, documentary filmmaker and close collaborator of the Wapikoni also took part in this beautiful event. "I found her inspiring, intelligent, sincere and curious about First Nations youth and reality. I could tell she feels concerned. She understood well the power of art and artistic creation in healing and resilience."  -  Manon Barbeau. 

The presentation was followed by the visit of one of the Wapikoni Mobile studios where Mrs. Johnston and her team were able to attend a private screening with the film directors. The films presented, THE WEIGHT, NITANISH (To my daughter) and ONICKAKW (Wake up), have sparked the delegation's interest and fueled the discussion with the process of making a short film, the importance of intergenerational transmission of culture and the necessary step of reconciliation.

"I have rarely seen this level of active listening whether on the experience of the participants or the creative process. A warm visit!" concluded Melissa Mollen Dupuis, delighted by this meeting.