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Wapikoni : Guest of UNESCO Mexico

Wapikoni Mobile was invited to be part of the academic forum “Ciudad de Mexico: lugar donde las culturas dialogan” held May 29-June 2, 2017 at the historical Antiguo Palacio de Medicina. Cassandre Pérusse, Project Manager, Partnerships and Development, was representing the Wapikoni at a panel on diversity in communication and distribution. Wapikoni was hailed as a model project for its mission to create and promote Indigenous content. 

With a population of over 22 million, Mexico City is home to 55 of the 68 Indigenous languages spoken in the country and therefore the perfect location for a discussion about discrimination and the lack of recognition and inclusion of Indigenous people in urban settings. 

Many cultural and artistic delegates and representatives as well as UNESCO Mexico Director Nuria Sanz, Canada’s Culture Secretary and members of the Embassy of Canada in Mexico took part in the week-long forum.

Wapikoni discussed possible collaborations with various Indigenous organizations including Las Redes por la Diversidad, Equidad y Sustentabilidad and the Asamblea de los Migrantes Indigenas (AMI), and met with representatives of the Festival international de la Cultura Maya (FICM). Possible partnerships with Vancouver’s Anthropology Museum, the MICGénero international film festival and the World Music Institute located in New York.

The Embassy of Canada in Mexico would also like to have the Wapikoni give a series of awareness workshops in various locations across Mexico. 

The public and Indigenous organizations both sang the praises of the Forum that ended on the possibility of starting a cultural “NAFTA” as a response to the United States’ political climate.