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Wapikoni launches the virtual studio


Although Wapikoni’s mobile studios need to remain on site due to the pandemic, offering a space of creation and expression for Indigenous creators remains a priority. Wapikoni is proud to launch today its new program : the virtual studio ! This new remote service aims to offer personalized virtual support online to various projects submitted individually or collectively.

Indigenous creators who have already made a film, a video, or any other type artistic work, with or without Wapikoni, can propose and submit their project to the virtual studio. It can be a short film, a report, a photo or writing project, a comedy capsule or even a podcast. Wapikoni will pair each project with a personalized dedicated team to support and assist the realization of the project.

The purpose of this new initiative is to offer Wapikoni’s professional resources free of charge in virtual mode. It will not only increase accessibility but also offer training and support to a greater number of creators throughout the year. The starting point for those interested in participating is to have Internet access, a camera or a smartphone, or any other audiovisual equipment necessary to complete the project.

A dedicated team working on the project

A team of filmmaker-mentors and outreach coordinators will assist and support each of the selected projects, depending on the availability of places within the cohorts. Teams will be paired according to the nature of the projects to ensure that creators get the best possible support and mentoring. Their role will be to equip and guide the creators and artists, serve their project, and accompany them in the achievement of their objectives. At Wapikoni, narrative sovereignty is a core value, our mission is to support and facilitate creation, to showcase works and talents, and to continue to provide opportunities for development and growth. We are convinced that by supporting the greatest number of Indigenous voices and expressions to take their place in the cultural landscape, we are contributing to the social and societal transformations we believe are necessary for the unity of Peoples, Nations and generations. A most inspiring challenge!

How to participate?

Each cohort lasts approximately 4 weeks. A call for projects has been issued and is currently available via an online form. Interested applicants must complete the form no later than July 19th at 11:59 PM for the first cohort beginning on August 3rd.