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Wapikoni Mobile at Brandeis University

The Wapikoni was invited by Professor Catherine Theobald to celebrate the cultural diversity of Québec during the Journées de la culture at
Brandeis University, near Boston. 

Project Manager, Financing and Partnership's Cassandre Perusse (left) and Field Coordinator Bailey Watson (right) were on site to meet the students, give a lecture about Wapikoni, Indigenous culture and realities in Quebec and to screen some shorts. They gave a first presentation in a French class.  In the evening, a celebration attracted some 60 students to celebrate the cultures of Quebec and the girls screened a 60-minute selection of Wapikoni films as well as Manon Barbeau's Comptines. Eveyone enjoyed some poutine, Grenache caramels and Ste. Catherine Taffey!

Bailey Watson writes, "Had a great time in the Boston/Cambridge area! We were incredibly well recieved by Brandeis' passionate French professor, Catherine who had invited us to celebrate Quebec Culture Day at Brandeis. The students were very respectful, engaging and always ready to volunteer. To make the most of our trip, we also made a classroom visit to an Indigenous Studies class at UMASS. Despite being in an intro class, the students appeared very well informed and asked a ton of poignant questions about Indigenous realities in Canada. We were also invited to a more informal get-together at Harvard amongst primarily Phd. students, which I felt was more like an exchange because they also explained a few things about Indigeniety in the United States. In all, Wapikoni Mobile was quite the hit at these universities and I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to go. "

Cassandre and Bailey also seized this opportunity to meet Professor Christopher Wong of the University of Massachusetts (UMASS) and his students. Wapikoni also met Shelly Lowe, Wade Campbell and students at the Harvard University Native American Program (HUNAP).

A meeting with a valuable partner of the Wapikoni, the Arlington Film Festival, also took place to discuss the possibility of organizing special screenings with filmmakers.

Thanks again to Prof. Catherine Theobald of Brandeis University for this wonderful invitation!