Logbook 1 – Ekuanitshit 2016

// Mélodie Jourdain

Kuei! Kuei! 

The introduction of our two Filmmaker Mentors with the Innu of Ekuanitshit was a success. We were warmly welcomed by Chief Jean-Charles Piétacho and the community councelors, who were very proud to host the Wapikoni for a second time. Now, is the Chief going to make a film this year?

We started a tsunami of excitement! Dynamic participants are eager to discover all the creative possibilities that the Wapikoni studios offer. For our open house day, you could register some Innu songs, learn how to manipulate the cameras, participate to a photo shoot session, attend an outdoor projection, and end up the day playing soccer. Yes, indeed, this happily kicked off this new stop-over! 

No promises but, to date, we have several fun and innovative film ideas in development.