Logbook 1 - Our first time in Mingan!

// Équipe terrain

Ekuanitshit, a dynamic, enthusiastic and lively community is welcoming us at the the House of the Innu Culture, a gathering place for and by the community. As soon as our filmmaker-mentors arrived, projects started to knock on the door, announcing a dream stopover, despite some technical glitches. 

There is a lot of interest and curiosity on the part of the community. People wants to know the Wapikoni Mobile, and it brings many interesting discussions! 

From our first day, with Samian visiting the Teueikan school, Jennifer and Laurent, two high school students, started to work with our filmmakers to make a report on this talented rapper. 

During the open house, popcorn, movies and many visitors were at the rendezvous. This visit pleased many children. We want to thank the work team of the school and our Teueikan coordinators for their availability. The workshop in class with the high school students went really well, just like the sound and camera training that took place after school. Both activities got a good participation. 

This busy week saw the start of several challenging projects for our filmmakers and participants, as soon as the rain and the weather was permitting it. 

Meanwhile, the traveling studio is filled with music, stories, laughters and the most extraordinary people you could imagine. With an average attendance of 15 people in a day and many incredible musicians, our studio is busy. 

Many young people are learning photography through our "making of"project, are making music in the studio or participate in sound recordings. Our filmmakers, directors and participants are currently working hard on a video clip and four films, including one highlighting the Innu traditions. The styles put forward are as diverse as the topics covered. 

In short, several filming and sound recordings are in progress. The projects are building quietly and we start preparing the projection evening.