Logbook 2 - Ekuanitshit 2016

// L'équipe du Wapikoni

Three weeks have passed since our stopover started in the Innu community of Ekuanitshit and, since then, visits at the trailer have hardly diminished! Following the introductory camera and sound recording workshop, several participants have shown surprising aptitudes for handling the camera and the boom. Some of them have put in practice their new skills in the four film projects, which are currently in post-production. Our passion driven participants worked all so hard on their films that our work was mainly to mentor the technical levels.  

We are very proud of the directors, who were able to express their ideas creatively; proud of our courageous cameramen, who were not afraid to brave the cold and tiredness to film at 3:00 a.m., and what about our editing learners, who have been very diligent and have learned to trust their instincts.  

Our stay in Ekuanitshit was punctuated by soccer games with the children, inspiring encounters with people who love their community, and loads of laughter, because innu people are so cheerful! The Ekuanitshit stopover was a great experience that we will not soon forget!