Logbook 2 - Victims of our own success

// Équipe terrain

The Wapikoni team at Ekuanitshit became imbued of Innu cultures and traditions, in particular during the Aboriginal Day celebration at the Innu cultural center opening. We spent the past few weeks working with vigour and passion on inspiring projects with enthusiastic participants.

At the end of the stop-over, more than 125 people were attending the final screening where the four movies created at Ekuanitshit were presented. There was a colorful music video with hints of the ‘90s, a letter from a grandmother to her grandson, a poetic and politic manifesto about the importance of rivers along with a deeply personal short film of a quest for identity between Africa and Côte-Nord.

And unforgettable evening!

In closing, we would like to thank most warmly the Ekuanitshit community for their welcome and their trust. It’s been an extraordinary stop-over!

Congrats to our directors, and to you, musicians and participants, for your talents, your ideas and your movies! We’re really proud of you, and we leave glad of heart.