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The Wapikoni Creating with Syrian Refugees

// The Wapikoni Team

The Wapikoni Mobile recently joined the efforts of international organizations to help Syrian refugees. 

It’s with energy and devotion that a film crew, composed of François Laurent and Omar Elhamy, flew to Turkey to make a stop near the Syrian border and meet with refugees. 

The initiative is part of a collaborative approach between Je Veux Jouer Foundation, Wapikoni Mobile and Rozana media center. The objective was to train participants and to provide a voice to these vulnerable populations.  

Training activities took place for over two weeks, mainly in the city of Gaziantep, during which participants developed three film projects. An animation and two documentaries have been made by the group of Syrian students in collaboration with the Wapikoni team on site.  

The realities of war have obviously been addressed by refugees who hope to attract the attention of the world with these films that could travel around the world.