Logbook 1 - Wonderful projects are taking form

// Wapikoni Mobile

The first week of this stopover is already behind us. It was rich in wonderful ideas and projects are taking form. 

Crystal Dawn Jerome got beautiful images of child memories in which traditional knowledge was passed on to her in her film on sweetgrass. 

Zachary Greenleaf Condo is writing rap lyrics on his experience as a fisherman and the shooting of his film is scheduled for next week on one of the community’s boat.

Darlene Jerome already recorded a traditional song that she wrote and the filming of her music video will take place just after this weekend of the Sundance. 

Brody Martin, David Jerome and friends are practicing and improving their cameraman skills everyday to be ready for their upcoming shooting of a humoristic skateboard film on how bored it is to be 13 years old. 

Three other film projects from Jesse Martin, DJ XX7 and Reggie Paul need to unfold but are very promising. Five original musical pieces were already recorded and we believe that there are much more to come with Gesgapegiag’s talent. Draven made it back home and the trailer beats to his rythmn this afternoon. 

Music wise, we have recorded 5 to 6 musicians and have yet to bounce them out but we are becoming well known to the musicians in the community. Also, it promises to be a lively final screening with all the musicians. 

In terms of community engagement, we have been invited to participate at various ceremonies in the community. We have attended and actively participated, though cautiously and only with specific invitation, in various aspects of the ceremony. 

We are excited !