Logbook 1 - Kitcisakik 2016

// Jennyfer, Cherylin, Christina, Geneviève and Serge.

A Great Start for the Kitcisakik Stop-over!

The Wapikoni Mobile team, in Kitcisakik since last Monday, is more than enthusiastic about this stop-over that started like wildfire. The open house, which took place on Tuesday, was a success and gave rise to so many discussions that we began filming the next day. Needless to say that we were warmly received and that the participants were many to come in the Wapikoni studio. 

Regarding the projects, Kevin Papatie and Véronique Papatie are going to co-direct a socialy engaged documentary. Jacqueline Michel is back with a documentary on the transmission of hunting knowledge by women. Another documentary project is about young men studying forest maintenance. There is also a poetic film that is slowly emerging. The directeor is a new participant, Dannes Michel, who wants to work with children of the community. Finally, Christina, assistant-filmmaker, is working on a new documentary film project with an introspective tone. 

The diversity is undeniably there. More news about all these beautiful projects to come soon!