Logbook 2015 - Festival Time! (Part 1)

Festival Time!

At Kitcisakik, beggining of September, the Anicinapes are ready for action! Between Kitcisakik Anicinape Nigamo Festival, Lac-Simon Tciman Kijigan Festival and the hunting season, several Grand Lac Victoria inhabitants had spare time and energy for the Wapikoni. Our team is truly grateful to be able to count on amazing participants to make us travel into the fabulous audiovisual world!

After the visit of two Kunas from Panama who came to experience the every day life in the community, we were lucky to fish some walleyes in the réservoir, to taste kokum Angèle fabulous banik and to admire northern lights. Jacqueline Michel, always full of great ideas, has shot a fiction film in the ancestral village, while Cherilyne Papatie made us discover the reality of women living in the street. Christina is working on a movie, whose theme is mutual aid within the community. Meanwhile, her grandmother Louisa winces in front of the camera. Also, when he comes back from the Toronto Internation Film Festival, Kevin is planning on doing something about this luminous creature that is the moose. Brace yourselves, because the Kitcisakik stop-over is only beginning! We're all looking forward to see the unveiling of those creations. 

We'll see you in two weeks at the screening taking place in the community (September 25) and at the one taking place at Val d'Or as part of the Festival de sgens d'ici (September 26).

The Wapikoni team at the Kitcisakik stop-over.