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Logbook 1 - Having a good time in the creating process!

// Wapikoni Mobile

We are already half way through the stopover in Listuguj, having a good time in the creating process with people of the community. It feels good to get back with people we already know and work on new projects with them. We also have new comers this year and we enjoy these new encounters and the interest toward the Wapikoni studio. 

Here are some pictures of what is happening so far. Six films are on the go. Mark Morrison, a great musician, is shooting a music video for the song Teepees on a Highway that we recorded last summer. Gage Barnaby, a 14 year old apprentice filmmaker, will be working on his second film. Derek Condo is directing his first film, a self-inspired fiction in which he is also an actor. John Paul Lavigne will be offering us a poetic production on the significance and rituals of the sacred fire. Mallory Metallic will be doing a documentary on the importance and impowerment of cheerleading, and to show off her squad’s talent. Finally, Naate Condo has recorded a first song with us this year and is currently shooting a music video. 

Thank you to everyone who has invested their time to make these projects happen. There is a lot of collaboration, it makes the process a great experience, and we are sure it will show in the productions. Thank you Listuguj for welcoming the Wapikoni once again!