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Logbook 2015 - One more week to go ! (Part 2)

One more week to go !

The stopover in Listuguj and Gesgapegiag is close to its end. The participants and the team are working hard to make the best out of the projects. 5 films will be presented on September 10th at AGS school in Listuguj. The filmmakers this year are Naomi Condo, Mark Morrison, Debbie Dedam-Montour, Mallory Metallic, Melissa Girvan and Tina Girvan. They were assisted by other participants who also did a great job.

We are also still in the process of recording four songs. Riverside, Joshua Morrison, Naate and a women group of singers took the opportunity for music recording. You’ll be able to hear them soon on the website as you’ll check the films created this year.

One more week to go !