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Logbook 2015 - Kwei Manawan!

Kwei Manawan! 

We’re really proud and happy to witness the fad shown by the participants from the community since the first day we opened the doors of the Wapikoni Mobile caravan. On day 3, we already had two shooting sessions booked and a total of 11 project serious enough to say that they have the potential to be taken to the finish line. This year’s participants are a mix of passionate veterans from past Wapikoni stop-overs, showing a surprisingly strong rigour, as well as several new participants who are bringing with them an interesting vibe in the Wapikoni universe.

 We’re conscious that this many movies will ask us a great amount of energy, but our team’s discipline and passion make us believe that everything is possible through this 2015 stop-over. This is without counting Anthony Quitich’s efficient and professional support, who’s wearing two hats: not only is he our local coordinator, but he’s also our assistant filmmaker. Anthony shows great reliability and works very hard to help us to the best of his capacities.

In a nutshell, the community has an inspiring energy and we want to make the most of it. It’s a real pleasure for us to be in Manawan and we would like to thank the community for the openness they show towards us.