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Logbook 1 - Already many projects in the making in Mistissini

// Wapikoni mobile

Yeah! It is finally and officially summertime! 

Since the Wapikoni Mobile team got into Mistissini, many people came to the trailer to say “hi!”. We talked about their movie projects and planned music-recording sessions. They got to learn about all the filming process. The open house event was a great success, with five projects coming out of the brainstorming meetings. At this point, the participants are working on two music videos, a horror film, a documentary and one experimental film. 

Many participants from the last years came back; some of them are working on their first film, such as Clayton. Having helped a lot in the previous stopovers on other people’s movies, this year he feels ready to go on with his own project. 

On Saturday, the solstice day, we went to the Beauce Carnaval Fair that was taking place in Chibougamau for the weekend, thanks to the Carnaval Director who gave us free passes for the whole crew! The main reason for our trip there was to shoot Jason’s music video called « Bring Me Higher», in which we can hear Angel’s amazing voice. The team did a pretty good job and we had time to go on the rides for our own pleasure. It wasn’t until 10 p.m. that they canned the late sunset shots of their film. This is how much daylight we get in Mistissini on the longest day of the year, north of the 50th parallel! 

We also have music recordings going on, Joshua Coon-Come came with a song in Innu about his friend’s little sister. Even if he has been singing and playing guitar for five years, it was the first time he recorded and was pretty satisfied with his performance. Wapikoni gave him the chance to do a professional recording session he had been willing to do for his friend for a long time. 

This week, we are going to start the filming of Allison’s, Clayton’s and Keenan’s movies, while we are finalizing Karina’s interviews with different women from the community. 

 Moreover, many young kids come to the trailer just to hang out and amongst them quite a few seem very interested in participating in the filmmaking process once they reach 15 years old. Everything is going well. We can feel the participants’ motivation, some of them coming every day at the trailer. People are committed to their projects; we are very pleased to see that the trailer is always a popular place for the youth.