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Logbook 2 - Last week of the Mistissini Stopover!

// Wapikoni Mobile

Welcome to the last week of the Mistissini Stopover!

The participants have worked very hard in the last few days, assisting Marie and François in the editing process of their films. The projection is taking place Monday night; we are excited to see the final result! 

During our time in the community many events took place: the Aboriginal Day, the St-Jean Baptiste and the Canada Day. These holidays were great occasions for us to film and exchange with the people about the mission of Wapikoni Mobile. During our time in Mistissini, the participants greatly improved their knowledge of the filmmaking process. We are impressed to see how committed they are and how they stuck to their films. Even though some of them got discouraged at some point, it is a natural part of the creative process and they were able to overcome the challenges. 

We are presenting five projects this year, including two music videos. The projection is going to be the official release of the song « Bring me Higher » produced by Jason Swallow, also known as DJ Arrow, in which Angel Baribeau’s beautiful voice will take you on an emotional ride, just like in a roller coaster! 

 Going to the hip-hop world, Clayton Trapper, known in the community as Young Flame, is proud to introduce you to his first music video called « My Days ». His lyrics describe the different life struggles he has been through in a realistic but positive way. 

 In her documentary Karina Coon-Come intends to get the audience to reflect about cultural transmission. Having a lot of respect for elders, she portrays the life story of an elderly woman.

Keenan Nakogee welcomes you into his world, transforming a bullying story into a horror film. His work brings an interesting perspective on the consequences of bullying at school. Finally you are invited to discover the emotional insights of decision making over adolescents. Allison Coon-Come’s most artistic film to this day calls for a special screening!