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Logbook 2015 - A New Beginning (Part 1)

A New Beggining

Wapikoni Mobile is in full swing here at the Montreal Stopover. This stopover is a bit different than the one in comunities. This stopover goes on for 6 weeks. We have many more projects this year, from previous and new participants alike ! The theme of the films on this stopover are more political in nature, tackling the loss of Traditions in urban settings.

We have some returning alumni in Shane Kelsey, Fred Cheezo, Melissa Mollen Dupuis, and Widia Lariviere & Melanie Lumsden. With our newcomers, we have a musician by the name of Anne-Marie Gros-Louis Houle, who is also doing a music video. Natasha Kanape Fontaine, after being part of the documentary by Widia and Melanie called Un Nouveau Souffle, has a project of her own in development. Her project is a poetic film piece about loneliness in the city. An Inuit musician who goes by Nemo, is coming in to do a music video. Rene, who is from Bolivia, is doing an internship here at Wapikoni Mobile, and is going to be making a documentary on his view of Native life here in Montreal and Quebec. Things are going to be getting quite busy here, with shooting commencing next week.