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Logbook 1 - A promising start for the Montreal stop over

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We have now completed one third of the stop-over in Montreal and everything is falling into place. There are approximately 8 films in the works. The films range from fiction, documentaries and music videos. There has been a lot of positive energy and a lot of good co-operation between the Wapikoni staff and participants.

In the first week, a lot of time was spent on presenting ideas, brainstorming and reflecting with the filmmakers. Our goal was to get the participants to see and think of things that they feel they could work on and do better this time around. Especially now, since they have more experience in the technical process. 

During this week, all the participants came back to the office with their synopsis/storyboards to discuss the next steps into the filming process. A Camera workshop was held on Wednesday, June 4th for the participants in the office to get everyone into the groove with the filming process. There has only been one shoot so far this week, but we expect to pick up the tempo starting next week. 

 All in all, the stop-over is really picking up and is going great! Stay tuned and expect for films by Fred Cheezo, Joey Ruperthouse, Tony Tooma, Shane Kelsey, Amanda Roy, Moe Clark, Widia Lariviere and Nadia Myre! Have a great weekend and you will hear from us again in another two weeks!