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Logbook 2 - Montreal 2016

// Jemmy Echaquan Dubé & Patricia Chica

Two weeks have passed since my last diary. Everything goes so fast when we are in the action! It's the long weekend of Canada Day and the team of Wapikoni Montreal is filming three movies:  

Jean-Roucau Métail is shooting the last scene of his poetic epic in the hills of the Eastern Townships with both players Mollyka Kuoy and Victor Prevost, whose sensitivity on screen is breathtaking! After turning in a backdrop of majestic forest, Jean spent last week assembling assembly. His shooting this weekend will complement the dramatic arc of his character.  

Melissa Mollen-Dupuis, our dean filmmaker, is also in its third and final day of shooting for a film on the theme of "two spirit", the identity or definition "LGBTQ" Aboriginal. This film takes us to Joliette, where we will interview Thomas Niquay and Jessy-Lee Bégin a young Atikamekw gay couple.  

• Following our meetings and listening to inspiring musical MJ Tremblay’s creations, she decided to do her filming on Mount Royal on a theme close to nature and Mother Earth.  

• Another day of busy filming just ended for Fred Cheezo film on the metal Aboriginal performed in a trash style music studio in the multicultural district Park-Ex. Fred and his guitarist, Simon Coupal, from the group "I remember" have perform two of their original songs. During the viewing of the shots taken during the first day of shooting, he decided to direct his project to a self-portrait of his group. 

• The animation project of Ray Caplin progressing slowly but surely. I will help draw some portions of the backgrounds and scenery. I'm all excited to participate in the upcoming animated project of one of our most celebrated international participants! 

 Following this long weekend, it will be the final sprint of the postproduction. See you Thursday, July 14 at 20 pm at Native Friendship Centre of Montreal for the projection of these fine films. We can not wait to see you all there! There will be a native buffet, music and a great atmosphere for all tastes and all ages.

Jemmy Echaquan Dubé
Filmmaker Assistant  

Patricia Chica
Filmmaker mentor