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Logbook 2015 - Surviving Cinema ( Part 2)

Surviving Cinema

We have survived an intense shooting streak. We’re now halfway through our adventure. Sadly, some projects didn’t materialise.  Right now, we are in the editing session, and there will be eight short films in total.

The next step will be to get our movies ready for the screening, which will take place at the Native Friendship Center of Montréal on August 5, at 5 pm. We’re so close to our final destination, and we’re working really hard. Everyone is lending a hand. This year’s participants are Anne-Marie Gros-Louis Houle, Shane Kelsey, Rene Vargas, Marie-Josée Tremblay, Alexandre O’Bomsawin, Fred Cheezo, Widia Larivière, Mélanie Lumsden, Melissa Mollen Dupuis and Natasha Kanapé-Fontaine.  So here we are. We’re all very excited to see the result of all the hard work we put in the creative process.

If we don’t survive, tell our families we love them.