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Logbook 2 - Screening event in the offing

// Équipe terrain

After a week of beautiful sunset on the Gouin Reservoir, the rain is back, perfectly in time for a movie night! 

The stopover in Opitciwan has already come to an end, along the school year. 

Four films were completed by our participants and will be presented tonight for the great projection! 

Nicolas Jimmy Awashish, a passionate young photographer, has worked on a documentary made with pixelation, called "Nimisinapiskikan". 

Eden Awashish is finishing her second film with the Wapikoni, this time, the docudrama " Rien sur les mocassins" (Nothing about moccasins) translates the challenges of transmission within the community and the preservation of traditional Atikamekw knowledge. 

Lilianne Awashish and her daughter Alexianne made a documentary about mtoherhood and the reality of a large family who has to raise twins toddlers in "Letter to my daughter." 

Fiana Boivin, just 14 years old, finished her first participation in Wapikoni with a documentary portrait reflecting her ideas and her teenage aspirations. 

 We’d like to say thank you and are very proud of them.