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Logbook - A shooting schedule completely loaded!

// Équipe terrain

Under a cloudy sky, the Opitciwan stopover progresses slowly but surely. The first half of the workshop and its many project ideas promise a final sprint record for the participants and the Wapikoni team, but the work is good, in good company! 

Nicolas Jimmy Awashish, a passionate young photographer, has worked during the last week on a documentary using pixelation. He gathered no less than 13,000 photos and animated sequences. Editing will be pretty inspiring! 

Eden Awashish is finalizing the writing of her documentary on the challenges of transmission within the community, the preservation of indigenous traditional knowledge and especially its protection from the various assaults of the world. 

Jimmy Nellan Cleary explores the technical challenges of cinema in his horror film project that he scripted in sequence shots. The next shooting will be a great ballet directed by Jimmy’s team. 

Stéphane Boivin and his team are the only recognized Aboriginal Firefighters in Quebec. Besides fighting fires and undertake training, they are often on call for several consecutive days. Stéphane’s documentary is about firefighting in the community. It addresses his passion for his work and the stakes related to an enemy like fire. Stéphane is also currently working with the SOPFEU in order to train his colleagues. 

Lilianne Awashish and her daughter Alexianne talk about motherhood in a documentary about the reality of raising baby twins, as well as dealing with disease, their family and the links that keep it united. 

Fiona Boivin is 14 and she wants to become a police officer to rescue people. She does not want a child. Portrait of an Atikamewk teenage girl who thinks outside the box, and certainly not one of those four-wheeler boxes! 

The shooting schedule is loaded and the next 10 days will tell us what will happen to the projects developed by our participants! Soccer games with the youth of the community now belong to the past... the bruises on our legs and our schedule won’t deal with it anymore! With that said, let’s go!