From Loma Bonita

// Équipe Wapikoni

Since the workshop started in Loma Bonita, Friday, the students have been working pretty hard and efficiently. Lauliano is editing the wonderful shots he took with Fernandilio and Analicia, back in Naka, while the dozen other are working on two different movies. Both will use projection in a wonderful way, and both will include the inclusive perspective the Panama workshop has had for the past three years. Kuna, Embera and Campesino youth working side by side on a Project representing the specificity of each community, as well as their unity, is no small feat! 

 And all of this is done amidst smiles and laughter, while we take time to have a good coffee and enjoy documentaries before going to sleep. The fun never stops around these happy-go-lucky youth. It’s a pity these good times will only last until next Friday… 

Speaking of Friday, if you are passing by Bayano region in the evening, drop by at the Loma Bonita school to have a privileged viewing of our movies! See you there!