From Panama, with heat!

// Équipe Wapikoni

Hi there everyone! We are pleased to send you some crispy news from the field, here in Panama! We only just begun working Monday, and we already have tons of material and loads of fun! Kevin and Thomas left Montreal on a -25 °C to meet Francois on a 30 °C afternoon in Panama's capital. After a meeting with the organizers of the cinema field class, we set out to meet Lauliano, a very able and organized young Kuna, who led us to his town of Naka. We stopped en route to pick up Analicia, whom we had the chance to meet on various occasion in Panama, and last September in Kevin's hometown of Kitcisakik. This creative young person has plenty of tricks up her sleeves to get you those original ambient sounds from the commarca.

Next, we hopped from one Kuna village to the other, enjoying the trip as much as you will enjoy the different images we took! Gorgeous scenery, good food, fresh coffee directly from the village harvest, this trip could not be more pleasing to Kevin, eating more than his share of tilapia and other local products. Oh! Lest we forget, stay in touch if you want some news from the trip! The classes start tomorrow, and with plenty of alumni from the past years, there is certainly going to be some beautiful movies after this stay!